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CommUNITY forum

  • Marti Melville showcased Books 30 days ago
    The Deja vu Chronicles (a paranormal, historical, pirate romance series) and Grandma BallyHuHu (a children's chapter book series that encourages imaginative play through stories).
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    • Marti Melville
      Marti Melville: Still trying to figure this site out. Here's the image
      • 30 days ago
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      • Andrew Saban showcased One Stop Organics! 36 days ago
        Saban Soaps are hand crafted cold pressed slow processed soaps. Each soap takes 8 weeks to create and cure. We are 100% natural and pure!
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        • Joleen Bennett showcased Yards of Potential 62 days ago
          I'm going through my stash and finding so many beautiful things that I've been hanging onto for far too long. Potential is wasted if these beautiful bits and pieces continue to sit in my closet, waiting to be used.
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          • I've let my workbench get hopelessly cluttered! Today i surfed around looking for inspirational work space pictures to motivate me to re vamp my desk. Basically, this is why my life is a mess. I spend time pinning pictures of beautiful rooms instead...
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            • Morgan Rees
              Morgan Rees: Let me if there is anything I can do? Inspiration and uplifting comes from friends.
              • 62 days ago
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              • Joleen Bennett showcased Sunscreen Choices. 68 days ago
                There are so many choices when it comes to sunscreen. Any body have a preference for little one with sensitive skin? We tried Neutrogena and it made her break out. The one we've found that works the best, keeping her from getting sunburned without...
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